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Request For Proposal

The “Request for Proposal” (RFP) section is a service part of The Connected One,  if your organization is looking for a qualified business solution for your company this is the perfect place to invite tenders. Here are the details:

  • Your Request for Proposal should be text based (logos or graphics can be included).
  • There is theoretically no ‘page size’ for the web but we will accept up to 700 words per RFP.
  • We can establish a link from your RFP to your e-mail address or website.
  • The information to be posted once one of our Community Managers has reviewed your submission. Before your RFP is ‘published’ to the web, payment must be received in full.
  • You can pay by cheque, money order, cash or credit card.
  • The cost for posting an RFP on our website is $250 (plus applicable taxes). FREE as part of our introductory service offer.
  • The posting will remain on the site for four weeks or for a shorter period as determined by your company.
  • Contact a team member if you have any questions.

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