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Turn to The Connected One for your talent needs, we can help you find great talent for your organization.  We list your job positions here, and on our other sites PR In Canada and Profectio; or use our Talent Recommendation Service to get the best introductions for your investment.

Our Talent Recommendation Service:

Our Community Managers will assist you by Recommending and Introducing you with up to (3) qualified professionals that best match your job description for the nominal fee of $399 per role.  We leverage our extensive database of over 30,000 professionals who work in industries such as advertising, marketing, public relations and technology sector and help connect you to top talent that is a good fit for your organization. On the candidate side, our community managers have confidential conversations with individuals that best suit your company and the job description. Then we make the introductions and let you handle the rest.

Let us introduce you to your next great hire!

Our Job Listing Service:

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