Brands On The Move: Ubisoft, Gap, Crossfit

June 30, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Brands On The Move


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Welcome to Brands On The Move, The Connected One’s daily resource for marketers. In this column we will be publishing news briefs about the wins and losses of brands across the globe.

    • Ubisoft [TCO] is currently experience a staffing problem as several employees are currently being investigated due to sexual allegations; Tommy Francois (Vice President of Editorial) and Maxime Béland (Vice President Editorial) [The Connected One – Loss. ]
    • Gap [TCO] signed a 10 year deal with Kayne West to create a clothing line for children, men and women; the goal is to to grow to $1 billion of sales in 5 years (it took 7 years for adidias to reach that) [The Connected One – Win. Smart move for on the part of the retailer as it helps to further take the brand into pop music sphere; this drove the Gap stock up 20%
    • Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman tweeted out “Its FLOYD-19” as a response to a tweet from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation that said “Racism is a public health issue.” which created a flood of bad press and Reebok, athletes, and other partners break ties with the company [The Connected One – Loss. In a single tweet Crossfit killed his career, brand and company he founded]

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