Brands On The Move: J.M. Smucker, Campbell Soup Company, Popeyes

June 9, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Brands On The Move


Welcome to Brands On The Move, The Connected One’s daily resource for marketers. In this column we will be publishing news briefs about the wins and losses of brands across the globe.

  • Back in April after lower quarter results J.M. Smucker [TCO] announced it was cutting marketing spending by 5.8% to $119.5 million as coronavirus-related shutdowns interfered with the company’s plans. Smucker did have some good news as they experienced an 11% profit growth for its coffee segment whose brands include Folgers, Dunkin’ and Café Bustelo. [The Connected One – Win. As consumers were forced to say home they still needed their coffee fix]
  • Campbell Soup Company [TCO] saw an opportunity and increased advertising spend during the first three months of 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in demand for comfort food like soup and snacks. Its marketing expenses jumped 26% from a year earlier, as spending on advertising and retailer promotions rose 29%, CEO Mark Clouse said in a conference call with analysts. [The Connected One – Win. The company took a calculated gamble and it paid off]
  • Popeyes [TCO] unveiled its new brand identity which included a fresh logo, iconography and color palette, the upgraded visual identity also includes a QSR code on the food packaging, employee uniforms and merchandise.  The fast food company is also expanding internationally and just opened a store in the new design in Shanghai.  [The Connected One – Win.  Popeyes continues to deliver results that consumers are buying up

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