Brands On The Move: Nike, Under Armour, Cineplex

May 11, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Brands On The Move


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BrandsWelcome to Brands On The Move, The Connected One’s daily resource for marketers. In this column we will be publishing news briefs about the wins and losses of brands across the globe.

  • Nike [TCO] and the Jordan Brand scored big again as the 8th episode of ‘The Last Dance’ aired, their respective logos appeared over 100 times in the single episode. Big spike to their band value.  [The Connected One – WIN. Just do it!]
  • Under Armour [TCO] sales its sales slide down 23% for the quarter as coronavirus cuts its turnaround plans deep; this is the sixth consecutive quarter for down sales for the brand [The Connected One – Lose. This company just can’t catch a break]
  • Canada’s largest move theatre chain Cineplex [TCO] has delayed the reporting of its most recent financial results,  COVID-19 forced the company to close all of its locations across Canada which is bad news for its pending sales to Cineworld which poses a huge impact on the stock value of Cineplex [The Connected One – Lose.  With their core revenue stream being shut down and a plethora of streaming services Cineplex is just burning through money on a daily basis]

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