Rental giant Hertz sues Accenture, $32M

April 29, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Brands On The Move

  • Consultancy fails to deliver on promised functional site or mobile app
  • Will this be the end of Accenture’s ability to disrupt the advertising business

HertzOne of the largest rental company’s Hertz is suing management consultancy firm Accenture [TCO] over a deal gone wrong.  Back in August 2016 the firm was hired to conduct a revamp of Hertz ‘s online presence. The new site was scheduled to go live in December 2017. But numerous delays pushed the launch back to January 2018, a second delay once again pushed the project back to April 2018.

As a result, Hertz has filed suit against Accenture  for suing for the $32m it paid in fees plus for other damages and to fix “the mess.”  The lawsuit claims a number of specific problems such as Accenture didn’t incorporate a responsive design; “buggy code.”

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