Events Planning and Management [RFP]

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The Department of National Defence (DND) requires event management services, including webcasts, meetings, conferences, workshops, summits, symposia, consultations and round tables on an “as and when requested basis” in support of the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program.
The IDEaS program will challenge innovators to develop solutions to emerging defence and security problems. This new program will support innovative technology, knowledge, and problem solving which are critical for Canada and its allies to mitigate new threats, stay ahead of potential adversaries, and meet evolving defence and security needs, while generating economic benefits for Canada.

The period of Contract is from date of award to two years from Contract award, and there are an additional two (2) 1-year option periods.
There are no security requirements associated with this requirement.
The requirement is subject to the provisions of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).
The requirement is limited to Canadian goods and/or services.
The Federal Contractors Program (FCP) for employment equity applies to this procurement.

Mandatory Technical Criteria 
The Bidder must have:

The Bidder must:
  • Have been in business for a minimum of five (5) years, including a minimum of three (3) years specializing in the provision of event management services; and
  • Have a physical place of business within Canada.
  • The Bidder must provide, in writing:
    1. The number of years the firm has been in business; and
    2. The number of years the firm has specialized in the provision of event management services; and
    3. The physical address(es) of the firm’s place(s) of business within Canada (including street address, city/town and province/territory for each).
    The Bidder must identify at least one (1) but no more than three (3) individuals for each of the following categories of personnel. All of the individuals proposed must be employees or sub-contractors of the Bidder. Subcontracting does not relieve the Contractor from any of its obligations under the Contract or impose any liability upon Canada to a subcontractor.The Bidder must clearly demonstrate how each proposed resource meets the applicable category definition below.
    The Senior Event Manager must meet all of the following:
    a. at least three (3) years’ experience in leading the development and execution of events, particularly high profile events (an event which is highly publicized, politically sensitive, or involving well-known or high-ranking delegates);
    b. has managed events where the firm’s assigned portion of the overall budget was at least $200,000 (including professional fees, direct expenses, sub-contracting expenses, travel and living expenses, and any other project-related revenues, as applicable);
    c. has managed events with delegates from either: more than one (1) province or territory; or more than one (1) country; or both;
    d. has managed events that require one (1) or more of the firm’s personnel to be on-site for three (3) days or more;
    e. has managed events with a minimum of one hundred (100) delegates; and
    f. has provided or overseen the provision of all of the following: accommodations, hospitality, transportation, registration and printing or publications.M.3 EVENTS MANAGEMENT PROJECTS
    The Bidder must provide five (5) events management projects, where the event dates were after January 1, 2008. Each of the Senior Event Managers, Event Managers, Event Coordinators, Financial Managers and Event Assistants identified in M.2 must have been involved in the planning of at least one (1) event. An event may be used to demonstrate the experience of more than one (1) resource, however no more than five (5) projects are to be submitted. At a minimum, three (3) of the five (5) projects must demonstrate an ability of the Bidder to provide event planning services where the profile of participants is varied. “Participant” is defined as including, but not restricted to, a potential audience, actual delegate, speaker/presenter, moderator, session chair, or member of a client group. “Varied” is defined as including three or more of the following profiles – general public, senior citizens, youth, senior executives, parliamentary officials, VIPs, Veterans, etc. – within one (1) event.The Bidder must provide the following information:a) Name of the project/event;
    b) Duration of the event, including start and end dates;
    c) Proposed resource(s) to be evaluated; and
    d) Profile of participants (as defined above) at the event.M.3.2
    The Bidder must provide a detailed description of three (3) event management projects.The event management projects described must demonstrate the experience of the Bidder. Projects submitted where the work was performed by one (1) or more of the Bidder’s resources on behalf of another firm will not be accepted.

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