Craft Brewery Golden Road Brewing Selects Modus Operandi As Agency of Record

March 31, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Account Wins

Craft brewery, Golden Road Brewing, announced today it has selected Modus Operandi (ModOp) as its Agency of Record. The Los Angeles-based craft beer brand is known for their commitment to producing great beer brewed and canned in L.A. ModOp is a strategic and creative digital agency that helps brands gain competitive advantage and build cohesive digital narratives across relevant platforms.

“Golden Road Brewing is an incredible young brand which has already become nearly synonymous with Los Angeles. We’re honored to help co-founders Tony Yanow and Meg Gill continue to build their brand,” said Jeff Suhy, Partner and President of ModOp. “We’re inspired by Golden Road’s passion for bringing goodness to the Los Angeles community and can’t wait to help tell their story.”

“ModOp got us to think about our digital initiatives in a new way. They do some really cool projects so we’re excited to partner with them. Because of my close relationship with Jeff, I’ve watched ModOp grow just as he’s seen us grow. We see this as a really fun thing – two LA companies working together to create something great,” said Golden Road Brewing co-founder Tony Yanow.

ModOp will lead Golden Road’s strategic digital branding and creative efforts with the goal of accelerating the growth of the Golden Road Brewing brand. Utilizing its deep knowledge of digital customer behavior across ever-evolving online, social and messaging channels, ModOp looks forward to helping Golden Road continue its evolution from a well-respected and beloved local beer to an iconic brand synonymous with Los Angeles.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Golden Road Brewing and have them join our roster of other notable clients within the wine, beer and spirits industry,” said Miles Dinsmoor, Partner and CEO of ModOp. “We are confident our depth of expertise in the industry as well as across other verticals will allow us to provide a unique creative insight into building a campaign around this one of a kind craft beer brand.”


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