ChoiceStream Announces Thunderdome

March 31, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

ChoiceStream, the top choice for brand advertisers in audience targeting optimization and advanced programmatic media buying, today announced the next evolution of its optimization architecture. Thunderdome is the world’s first and only implementation of media and audience optimization based on multiple competing algorithms.

While most programmatic platforms with real-time bidding use a single algorithm to select impressions, ChoiceStream’s system evaluates thousands of algorithms that compete in real-time to continually improve campaign results.

“Other ad tech vendors pick a model and build their business off of that,” says Eric Bosco, CEO of ChoiceStream. “Then something better comes along, making the current model obsolete. Instead of picking one algorithm to run our entire system on, we built a framework in which many different models constantly compete to be at the top.”

Thunderdome takes advantage of ChoiceStream’s flexible optimization architecture, including real-time data flows and continual deployment of new algorithms. The platform’s machine-learning uses many different mathematical approaches to assess a variety of data sets, including consumer consumption patterns, topical trends, and active in-market prospects. Forward validation allows Thunderdome to determine which combination produces the best results at any given time.

ChoiceStream began rolling out Thunderdome in late Q4 2014 and has officially transitioned all of its campaigns to the competitive algorithm platform. With this new platform, ChoiceStream continues to optimize dimensions like time, price, audience, content and publication.

Thunderdome processes:

  • Over 80 billion impressions per day
  • More than 420,000 sites
  • More than 52,000 third-party segments
  • More than 1,200 contextual site attributes
  • And over 2,500 proprietary self-declared segments

In competitive situations, Thunderdome improves results more than 2x for various types of campaigns across the marketing funnel by optimizing to an advertiser’s chosen KPI including lift in awareness, engagement, and conversion.

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