Award Submission

#SocialMediaSuccss awards are brought to you by The Connected OnePR In Canada and Profectio.

  • Best Use category
  • Social Media Tools category
  • Social Influencer Agency Category

Social Media Tools Category

Judges will be looking for companies and platforms that can clearly demonstrate success over the past 12 months. We suggest providing evidence to substantiate your entries including, but not limited to, metrics around KPIs, creative assets, case study links to your work or other items you feel speak to the quality of your submission. Judges will also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry.

A weighted score will be given to each of the (3) criteria for a total possible score of 100. Provide a document answering the following:

  • Ease of use (25%: Is the product simple to install, integrate with other systems, use and manage? Are its functions clear? Can it work in heterogeneous environments?
  • Innovation (25%): Does the product introduce new features or make major improvements to existing capabilities? Does it fill a gap in the market?
    Functionality and performance (25%): Does the product actually do what the vendor says it does? Does it significantly improve operations?
    Value (25%): Is the product worth what it costs? Is its return on investment clear?

Preparing Your Entry

Your online entry will include the following components:

  1. Campaign Title: If you are entering more than award, be consistent with the campaign title. This will be the information that appears on any awards, or media or presentation materials.
  2. Entry Submission Form: Containing basic information about your entry and your company. Upload Signed Entry Release Form
  3. Program Credits: The people/titles you would like to see credited for this campaign and whose names will be shown if the entry is a winner. Please consult with partners regarding shared credit PRIOR TO submitting your final entry.
  4. Submission Materials: In some categories, entrants are required to submit a Case Document or a video submission. Please read the category description carefully to see if this requirement applies to your entry. The content of your entry MUST NOT show who the submitting agency is in order to prevent any bias either for or against your entry.

  5. A weighted score will be given to each of the (4) criteria for a total possible score of 100:

    • Relevancy - Up to date with social media platforms and how they operate
    • User Satisfaction - Customer reviews, customer testimonials
    • Ease of Use - Is your product to use, or requires hours of training
    • Support - Your company's ability to solve customer problems and/ or issues

Submit your entry