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Fastest Growing Awards

Fastest Growing Awards

It takes something special to launch a business and even more to create one with year over year growth.  The Fastest Growing Awards was created to recognize those agencies, publishers and vendors who have successfully reached this milestone.

Marketers are always looking for partners who can solve their business objectives, both today and long term. The Fastest Growing Awards is your opportunity to gain more awareness with top marketers around the world.

Recognizing the world-class achievements of agencies, publishers and technology vendors, the Fastest Growing Awards program highlights true commitment to innovation, leadership, and rapid revenue growth between 2017 and 2019.

We encourage all agencies, publishers and vendors to enter the inaugural Fastest Growing Awards program.


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Who should enter:

Take a second to familiarize´╗┐ yourself with the three types of companies that are eligible to enter:


An agency, often referred to a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling services such as advertising, public relations, social media etc.(more)


Publishers create content in the form of audio, video or written content available, and distributes via radio, online, print, or television. (more)


Solution providers who offer goods and services that are powering the advertising and marketing ecosystem. (more)

The Fastest Growing Awards is an international program that is open to agencies, publishers and vendors* involved in the communications, marketing, public relations and technology industry.

We encourage entries from all over the world.

Why enter:

  • Gain new business - Marketers want to win, they want to work with business who win and can help them achieve their goals
  • Attracts talent - Everyone wants to be on the winning team
  • Gain valuable exposure - A positive side-effect of being nominated and entering awards which many business award entrants report back to me is the additional exposure for their company
  • Increased credibility - A business award win, short-listing or nomination can act as a 3rd party endorsement for your business. 
  • Increased brand awareness opportunities - Just being nominated for an award gives you the opportunity to use this for PR and publicity purposes. 

Marketer's Mentions:

Susan Dawson

Director of Marketing (Automotive company)

As a brand it is important for us to know which agencies can help us grow our brand.

We will be watching the results closely to help us understand possible business partners in the future.

Marie Pattern

Director of Communications & Marketing VP of Marketing (CPG brand)

Paul Bennett

VP of Marketing (CPG brand)

I am excited to be an advisor and look forward to seeing who the winning agencies and vendors will be this year.

When to enter:

  • Opens: January 1, 2021
  • Early Bird Ends: January 23, 2021
  • Closes: March 30, 2021

Early bird ends in:


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How to enter:

Member Entry

Early Bird Pricing       



  • Member - $75 | Regular Member - $150
  • Late - $250

* Fastest Growing Awards are judged based on revenue growth 


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Early bird pricing ends in ...


You missed out!