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Welcome to the 2021 Black Excellence Awards you can nominate a black profession from across Canada or the United States who is working in Advertising, Marketing Public Relations.

  • THERE IS NO CHARGE to nominate someone.  The goal is to showcase the professionals across those (3) sectors —who they are and what they do. 
  • Deadline for submitting: February 28, 2021 by 11:59 PM ET. 

The Black Excellence Awards celebrates the achievements of professionals working in the advertising, marketing and public relations industries.  Join us as we acknowledge leaders who have demonstrated business success in multiple settings, is a mentor and role model to others and who actively engages with the community to build a stronger future for all.

Complete the form below and submit either a Word or PDF document with your nominee form. (Entry Template)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Black Excellence Awards?

The Connected One is helping to recognize the talented workforce and companies who support this change as part of our Inaugural Black Excellence Awards.  

The awards will recognize people across the marketing and public relations industries who excelled to be at at the top of their game.  We will also recognize agencies and brands that are delivering on their promise to embrace a more diverse workplace.

Who should apply?

Nominees in this category must be:

  • Must be working in the marketing or public relations ecosystem

Why enter?

Levels the playing field

Too often people of colour are never given a chance, The Black Excellence awards give you a chance to tell your story and showcase you accomplishments.

Valuable exposure
A positive side-effect of being nominated and entering the awards is the additional exposure for their personal brand. A number of influential and noteworthy people who may be key players within your industry, sector or region will become aware of you and your accomplishments. Standing out during the awards process bring additional benefits.

Marketing and promotion

With the business environment so competitive today, you need to do more to stand out from the competition. By participating in or even winning The Black Excellence awards people will now get a sense of your knowledge and hard work in the industry and be more receptive to working with you in the future.

Employee motivation

Awards recognize the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Leadership and personal style (max. 500 words) – 20%

This award celebrates an individual who is a recognized icon in the marketing or public relations ecosystem. Describe this person’s personal achievements and leadership style and how that delivers success in multiple settings. What 3 words do people frequently use to describe them?

2. Business success (max. 500 words) – 50%

Briefly describe the person’s career history and the achievements of the companies and organizations they have led, particularly in the last 3-5 years. How does the person contribute to business success? What are the common themes and what links their business successes to their personal leadership style. Show the trajectory of success and how each contribution built on what came before.

3. Community impact and ecosystem contribution (max. 500 words) – 30%

Beyond their contributions to the businesses they led, what other roles has this individual had in the community that benefited the ecosystem as a whole? What organizations have they founded, grown or transformed? How do they give back and pay it forward? How does their contribution inspire and encourage others to do more, individually and together?


How to enter?

Simply complete the form (above) and submit either a Word or PDF document providing details as to why this person should be nominated/ their accomplishments. (Entry Template)