The Black Excellence Awards celebrates the achievements of black professionals working in the marketing and public relations industries.  Join us as we acknowledge leaders who have demonstrated business success in multiple settings, plays a role as a mentor and role model to others and who actively engages with the community to build a stronger future for all.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Black Excellence Awards

What are the Black Excellence Awards?

The Connected One is helping to recognize the talented workforce and companies who support this change as part of our Inaugural Black Excellence Awards.  

The awards will recognize people across the marketing and public relations industries who excelled to be at at the top of their game.  We will also recognize agencies and brands that are delivering on their promise to embrace a more diverse workplace.

Who should enter?

Any organization who has taken steps to fight systematic racism.

How are companies evaluated?

Companies are evaluated based on a point system.

Your award entry will be evaluated and will earn points based on the following criteria:

  • 1 - to an organization when they communicate internally about a change to their diversity policies 
  • 1 - making an organizational contribution to the community to grow/ support diversity 
  • 2 - to an organization when they communicate externally their diversity policies 
  • 5 - organization who hires someone below director (management)  level
  • 10 - organization who hires someone above director (management) level

Why enter?

  • Valuable exposure

A positive side-effect of being nominated and entering the awards is the additional exposure for their personal brand. A number of influential and noteworthy people who may be key players within your industry, sector or region will become aware of you and your accomplishments. Standing out during the awards process bring additional benefits.

  • Marketing and promotion

With the business environment so competitive today, you need to do more to stand out from the competition. By participating in or even winning The Black Excellence awards people will now get a sense of your knowledge and hard work in the industry and be more receptive to working with you in the future.

  • Employee motivation

Awards recognize the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

What are you award categories?

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

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What do winners get?

  • Results of the annual ranking, with stories profiling the growth leaders who make the list, will be published in a special report in tThe Connected One during January 2021
  • All entrants will receive a company listing in our Marketplace.
  • Those agencies who are recognized as one of The Connected One's Fastest-Growing companies may receive a certificate or other form of recognition which they can publicly share subject to certain stylistic guidelines which will be provided to the agencies.

How do I pay?

Check each awards competition for entry fees. Only once you have paid for an entry is it considered final and officially entered and cannot be changed.

Payment can be done via PayPal or Square, fees are submitted based on your country of origin. If you need to pay via cheque or bank draft contact us for details.