Black Excellence Awards

Black Excellence Awards

The tragic events that occurred in the summer of 2020 have resulted in a level of civil unrest over racism injustice the world has never seen.  Consumers and businesses have taken steps to fight systematic racism.  The Connected One is helping to recognize the talented workforce and companies who support this change as part of our Inaugural Black Excellence Awards.  

The awards will recognize people across the marketing and public relations industries who excelled to be at at the top of their game.  We will also recognize agencies and brands that are delivering on their promise to embrace a more diverse workplace.

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Who should enter:

Recognizing and honouring achievements of black professionals working in the marketing and public relations industries.

Organizations demonstrating a commitment to promoting a diverse workplace are eligible for nomination of the award.

Eligible organizations include agencies, brands and vendors.

Next steps:

Nominations Open: November 1, 2020
Short List Announced: January 15, 2021
Winners Announced: February 1, 2021


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