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The thinking behind charging agencies and vendors fees to support this service was simple. Brands, like consumers, shouldn’t be asked to bear the cost of their search when they’re seeking to purchase products and services. It’s the agency, as sellers, who stand to benefit, and for them it’s their investment in “new business development outreach.” They’re seeking introductions to the hundreds of brands who visit and search at Help Us Find to find and hire new partners every year.

It is now time to get started! Use the buyer's form below and one of our Community Managers will be in contact with you in the next few hours. The information will be kept confidential and used to help make up (3) recommendations on vendors for you.


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    ALL Agencies and vendors are carefully vetted before we make any recommendations.

    * Disclaimer - This is a free service. We do not guarantee the products and/or services provided by the vendor, we are making a recommendation based on our Selection Criteria.

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