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Meet The Connected One Team

For over a decade The Connected One team has helped to connect B2B buyers and sellers, our core focus is the advertising, marketing, public relations and technology industries.


Dave (Founder) has been involved in the technology industry across Canada for over 10 years in various sales and marketing roles, he launched Profectio (which covers the Canadian Advertising and Marketing industry) and PR In Canada (which covers the communications and public relations industry). He also serves as an advisor to a number of businesses across the country. find Dave on Twitter, also on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jenny (Events Coordinator Intern, Communications & Marketing) –  Jenny supports The Connected One’s marketing and communications initiatives, and is responsible for assisting in event coordination.

Kathryn (Intern) – Our most recent addition and we couldn’t be happier with her results. Kathryn is gifted and very skilled at understanding your team so that she is able to make “just” the right connection for you. A culture guru, Kathryn understands that fit is not something you can teach. Adept at the art of follow up, Kathryn never lets the right candidate slip out of her fingertips.

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