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Did your agency win an award in 2019?

Welcome to 2020, before we get too far into the new year we have one more thing that we want to know.  Brands often turn to The Connected One for recommendations on agencies.  Agencies that win awards are usually some of the same ones that produce good results for their clients.

Which agencies won an award (s) in 2019?

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    What are the benefits of winning awards?

    Elevate the status of your company.

    • Awards can help to raise the credibility of your organization, its brand and products or services. An award also increases visibility for your company.

    Educate and attract.

    • Awards can draw new customers and new employees to your business.

    Improve company morale.

    • People love to be on a winning team!  Current employees are excited to share the news of an award with others. Awards can also build motivation within your team.

    Increase customer loyalty.

    • Knowing that you are skilled and recognized for your work, team, product or service encourages customer loyalty and drives sales.

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