Foot Locker’s latest campaign says ‘No Matter What’

Foot Locker Eighth Annual Week of GreatnessFoot Locker has released its Week of Greatness campaign, “No Matter What,” which features apocalypse-themed content highlighting the commitment within the sneaker community to do whatever it takes to get the latest product – no matter what the circumstances. Foot Locker’s eighth-annual Week of Greatness once again delivers on its promise to offer the most highly anticipated product drops for men, women and kids.
“No Matter What,” spotlights a lineup of top-tier talent across sports, entertainment, music and fashion for the full family. Foot Locker features Anuel AA, DaBaby, Anthony Davis, Ryan Destiny, Karol G, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Morgan, Megan Thee Stallion and Juice WRLD, while Kids Foot Locker highlights Young Dylan, Sophia Pippen and Zaza.

The featured talent enacts over-the-top scenarios that sneaker enthusiasts face, from unlikely alien encounters, zombie epidemics and meteor storms. “No Matter What” illustrates the universal truths and mutual passions shared amongst the sneaker community.

“The sneaker community is a passionate group that will go to great lengths to secure highly coveted kicks,” said Patrick Walsh, Vice President of Marketing for Foot Locker, North America. “Week of Greatness is our opportunity to celebrate youth culture and acknowledge their dedication, in a fun and engaging way.”


Foot Locker Eighth Annual Week of GreatnessThis Week of Greatness, Foot Locker has rolled out a curated collection of sneaker and apparel launches from Nike, Jordan, adidas, PUMA, Converse, Super Heroic, Champion and more.

Foot Locker also prepped a select few in the sneaker community with “Sneaker Survival Kits,” to help sneaker lovers and their shoes make it through the apocalypse. Foot Locker will host a variety of “No Matter What” activations in its Community Power Stores, including a large buildout in Eastpointe, Mich. featuring a UFO-themed photobooth.

Agencies behind the Foot Locker No Matter What Campaign?

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