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Red Lobster rolls out “Ugly” Sweaters for your holiday gifts

Red Lobster Ugly SweaterQuick, what do the holidays and Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits have in common? Answer,  they both give off that warm, fuzzy feeling, and there’s no denying America’s love for either. As they get ready for the holiday season, Red Lobster has released its limited-edition Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweaters.  This year the restaurant-chain is also launching its first ever pop-up online merchandise store.

“For those looking to turn heads at their office holiday party or give an unforgettable gift to a seafood-loving loved one, our Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater is guaranteed to help holiday enthusiasts sleigh all season long,” said Salli Setta, President & Chief Concept Officer, Red Lobster. “We are excited to give our passionate guests the opportunity to bring their love of Red Lobster home for the holidays, thanks to our exciting new merchandise and online store.”

Red Lobster fans can also take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online.

Agencies behind the Red Lobster “Ugly” Sweater Campaign?

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