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3 Barries To Consumer Cannabis Adoption

BarrierWhile there has been a tremendous amount of growth within the cannabis industry, it is still very new and has been hit with problems and scandals.  There have been many brands and people who are going the right things to grow their presence in this new market, but like anything new it will go through its ups and downs.

As the cannabis industry aims to become a true global phenomenon it will have to help solve 3 key barriers for consumers:

Educate Consumers

Cannabis still has as stigma to being weed, unfortunately while it might be enjoyed by many it brings with it more negative impressions than positive ones. The Canadian government, and other government bodies have moved forward with legalization of cannabis due to its medical benefits.  Laws are being put in place to be very clear to use words such as cannabis, CBD, THC and brand will had to adhere to these strict policies.  The effects of this component alone are non-psychoactive, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which produces a high. Instead, CBCheech-ChongD is directly derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. This important distinction is just one of the reasons education is imperative in this burgeoning industry.

Brands must keep their audiences informed and provide them with current news. Positioning yourself as an educator will also be a key differentiator.

Consumers Trust in Cannabis

Transparency to consumers is key. Brands must always be upfront across all communication channels that they work with third-party laboratories for testing. Another way to be transparent with consumers is to stay ahead of industry news and be proactive in communicating any new developments, concerns, findings from studies or other relevant info.

Crises Management

If your brands does not want to be hit with a crisis, it could happen – so why not plan for it.  Having a crisis plan in place, especially when deal with public health is just an automatic thing that all brands should do.  Without it your brand can be tarnished, if you are a public company a crisis can impact your stock.

Working with a seasoned public relations agency who can held guide you through this problem, while many will claim to be good at all forms of communications and public relations having a strong recommendation can’t hurt.

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