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US government bans Huawei as a national trade partner

It is official, The Trump administration has added China’s Huawei to a trade blacklist, as a result of the move it will not make it quite difficult for the company to do business in the United States. The order was issued officially by the the Commerce Department issued a rule, and also prohibits the company from buying parts and components from US firms without government’s approval. It will subsequently not be easy to obtain approval and

Obtaining such approval will not be easy, the U.S. government will review license applications under a “policy of presumption of denial,” according to a posting on the Federal Register, the U.S. government’s daily journal. As of the time of writing, Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, but if a US sanctioned ban will put a dent on its financial power.  There is still a strong believe within the US government that China could use Huawei’s smartphones and network equipment to spy on Americans, allegations the company has repeatedly denied.


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