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2019, The Year Of The, Brookline Public Relations’ Lisa Libin Makes Her Predictions

Lisa LibinBefore we close the books for the year we reached out to a few veterans in the industry to have them share their thoughts on the big topics that communicators and marketers were talking about over the last year.   We also wanted to explore what brands need to know as they prepare for 2019.   Our third guest contributor is Lisa Libin Vice President at Brookline Public Relations.

What has been the most disruptive technology (s) that has impacted brands during 2018? What will it be in 2019?

Mobile will definitely continue to take over as generation Z becomes the primary audience for most brands and agencies in the consumer space. In fact, it is less about the technology itself and more on the importance of focusing on this emerging audience ensuring that public relations and marketing efforts are customized and targeted to this group.

Influencer marketing, what change will we see in next year?

Influencer marketing will likely explode with more and more “influencers” looking to get paid to endorse brands. The growth of non-authentic methods will also likely continue to emerge, requiring PR professionals to ensure we are carefully vetting all possible influencers to ensure they are aligned, relevant and impactful for our clients.

Any major changes you see taking place to the public relations industry?

Brands are less about traditional, more about out of the box ideas – video content is becoming key for a lot of companies both from an internal and external perspective. We are also likely to see more consolidation of PR agencies.

Any thoughts on “new” industries such as cannabis? AI? VR?

These industries are reminiscent of the early 2000’s during the technology boom. New players were cropping up daily similar to the industries outlined above. There was, and now is, a huge opportunity for truly anyone to join, however at some point only a few leaders will likely prevail.

Any additional thought you’d like to share you see happening in 2019 that will have a big impact on the business landscape?

The federal election cannot go unnoticed in terms of a potential shift in the business landscape in Canada. As well, the decline of bricks and mortar stores will continue to impact how businesses sell and interact with consumers. It will be less about the service and more about the product as online retail continues to evolve and technology continues to become more customized and personalized.

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