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Pomp & Circumstance gets Canaca ready for launch day with lumberjacks and pancakes


Welcome to another edition of Success Stories, a column dedicated to highlighting successful campaigns executed by agencies on behalf of their clients.


Campaign Brief:

With Canadian legalization of cannabis approaching on October 17, 2018, High Park Company’s was looking for way to build more brand awareness for its Canadiana brand, Canaca. 

Campaign Execution: 

Pomp & Circumstance designed and executed a campaign which included events in Toronto (on Sept 26th known as Lumberjack Day) and British Columbia (Oct 4th) designed to build consumer awareness and engage guests in an unconventional and quintessentially Canadian way! In Toronto, the brand celebrated CANACA rolls with a lumberjack show and pancake breakfast on Toronto Island, in Vancouver an event for friendsgiving was organized with a logrolling show and a spin on classic festive dishes provided by local hot spot food shops DL Kitchen and Honey’s Donuts.

Target audience:

Influencers + media


Over 150 influencers and Tier A media attendees at the Toronto and BC events.  Each event included a "lumberjack" breakfast followed by lumberjack who guided the audience through a series of interactive activities including axe throwing, crosscut saw competition, log rolling and more.  Guests were also encouraged to test their skills in the various interactive competitions.

Photo Gallery

Toronto Event

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BC Event

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Photo Credit: Ryan Emberley

About Pomp & Circumstance: Pomp & Circumstance is a new public relations agency with a strong sense of substance and style and an appreciation for all that is grand. As an agency founded to both create and unearth stories.  Visit Pomp & Circumstance profile in the Marketplace.

About High Park Company: At High Park we deliver the gold standard in consistent quality and experience with a vertically integrated supply chain and state-of-the-art cultivation and production facilities.