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Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski Says Starbucks Barista Is Gonna Get Paid

Debra Goldblatt-SadowskiWe caught up Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski, Founder of rock-it promotions on the streets of Toronto over weekend to get her take on the video created by a Starbucks barista as he goes off on the brand over their new Frappuccino.

PR In Canada – Have you tried the frappuccino?

DGS – I have not (yet)!

PR In Canada – Did you hear about the video that an angry Starbucks barista created (video below)?

DGS – I had heard about the video and thought it was amusing.

PR In Canada – The video went viral and triggered some to wonder if it was created by the brand or the barista.

DGS – I think it is likely a young kid using social media to make his friends laugh and it caught on. I think the brand has had enormous success with this offering and while I don’t think they are behind it, I think it isn’t going to stop people from going to try it.

PR In Canada – What impact do you think a video like that has on a brand?

DGS – I think there are a million videos made everyday and this one happened to catch on. I think if it was a different video, and he was talking negatively about the ingredients or the customers, it could have had a very bad effect, but in the end, it’s a funny recount by a young barista and unfortunately for him, he’s going to be making a lot more – more – if he keeps his job.